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The third of our solar PV systems, this one has been in development for about three years since our original application to the OPA (Ontario Power Authority). 

In addition to the solar power that will be generated, we are almost more excited about the fact that we are restoring a traditional Ontario bank barn.  So many of these great barns are falling down all Ontario and Northern US.  This project bring the opportunity to restore and give new purpose to building that has meant so much to the property over so many years.   More information on this aspect of the project here.

Features of the project:

  • FIT 40 KW Roof Mounted
  • Redevelopment / Restoration of a mid-late 1800s bank barn
  • Developed in Partnership with Simcoe County Community Energy Co-Operative
  • Exact Equipment to be used not yet determined
  • Installed to be performed by EthoSolar


Featuring Artistic Skylights