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What is MicroFIT?

Find out more about the MicroFIT opportunity in Ontario.

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Green Energy Doors Open 2014

Green Energy Doors Open, an initiative of OSEA happening this Oct 4, 2014, will be a showcase of green energy projects all across Ontario. It’s an opportunity to provide free-of-charge access to individual, community, public and commercial sustainable energy projects, business, manufacturing, educational and related sites. Green Home TV will be participating. We’ll be showcasing

OSEA Powering Prosperity

OSEA: Powering Prosperity 2014

OSEA, the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association held their Powering Prosperity fund raiser this past January 23rd.  A banquet hall filled with the who’s-who of the sustainable energy industry and participants, the evening focussed on the successes of the past and opportunities of the future. Kris Stephens, OSEA Executive Director, spoke of the need for the

MicroFIT – Power Pricing & Usage

Many often ask how the OPA can possibly pay the rates being offered for generated power as part of the MicroFIT and FIT programs while the sale price of electricity is so much lower.  In this episode, a segment of the longer MicroFIT – An Introduction, we take on this question looking at both sides

MicroFIT – An Introduction

Green Home TV brings the first of our series specifically targeted at information on the OPA’s MicroFIT program. MicroFIT – An Introduction covers many of the aspects of the MicroFIT program giving a solid foundation of understanding of the program and technology involved. The MicroFIT program in Ontario lets residents sell back to the grid


Small FIT Contracts Offered by the OPA

The OPA today announced 146.5 megawatts of Small FIT contract offers as a result of the FIT 2.1 resubmission process. As per the OPA Announcement: Ontario’s clean energy economy continues to grow as the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) offers 951 new Small Feed-in Tariff (FIT) renewable energy contracts. These contracts represent 146.5 megawatts (MW) of